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Glædelig fars dag

Saturday, June 4th, 2011

En lille video til dig far…

News from us…

Sunday, August 22nd, 2010

Please be impressed that we have made a new layout, put up new pictures and I have written a new post 🙂

Since the last time we updated time has gone by so quick… Of big events has been out trip to Florida and me being pregnant.

In February we went to Florida for 1 week with my mom, dad, brother and his girlfriend. I was a great trip and we saw so much. We went to Disney world, kennedy space center, Key west, Miami and everglades. We stayed in a rented house in Fort Lauderdale. Every thing went great, except that Marius got sick with high fever, we got to a doctor and he had a bad ear infection. Even though he was sick he was such a good boy and did not complain even though we did not just stay a home. He got some medicine  and the help and the airplane ride home was no problem.

Marius is still a easy going kid he his easy to take with us where every he goes and most of the time he does what he is asked, but of course he can test us but he is not to bad. He know he is going to be a big brother soon and that his baby brother is in my stomach. We are anxious to see how it will be to have two boys and how Marius is going to feel having a baby in the house.

My pregnancy is going great like last time I do not have any big problems. I fell okay most of the time, am tired of course and have some back problems once in awhile but they can go away. We know that it is another boy that we are expecting, and we are almost sure what out name it going to be, but it is as last time a secret 🙂 My due date is October 1st.

Of bad events this ear is the we have has out first trip to the emergency room with Marius…. He fell in legoland and hit his forehead on a wooden edge, Mikkel was with him and when I saw Mikkel came running with him his face was filled with blood… He got a app. 2inch open cut in this forehead. Luckily there was paramedic just 50-100meters away so we got help quickly but has go to the emergency room to get 5 stitches. He was crying so for app.10 min after the fell but then he was calm and like him self again. When we got to the ER we had to go through the torture of getting the stitches, he cried and cried and Mikkel and 2 nurses held him and the doctor sewed him… I was trying to calm him down the best I could… He will properly get a big scar but we try to protect it from the sun to minimize it. But now it has been app. 4 months…. His was a big shock for us to see him like this and I can fell that as soon has be falls I get so scared and can almost cry because I don’t know how bad he is hurt. The fall in legoland so just a normal fall if you can call it that, he was running and fell and hit his head, so we still don’t know how it could turn out this bad.

Other than that we are all good, Mikkel is still at APC and is happy about that. I went on maternity leave a week ago, and that is nice. I am going to be away for about 1 year, and looking forward to it, but I am also really happy about my job and it is weird to think that I am not going to work for 1 year…. Marius is in daycare, and really loves it. He ask every day if he is going also on weekends. He can say also most everything, it is not all correct but we understand most of it and he is also starting to tell stories and make things up. 

He is walking… All the time

Wednesday, March 25th, 2009

supermandI guess it is time go write here again… 🙂 

Marius is getting so big, he can walk and he does not crawl anymore, he just started to stand up with out holding on to anything, he can play pikaboo with his own hands. He can drink on his owen and says a real Hi and he has a word for Mom, dad, food and water. So every think is happeing so fast. He also walked out side so last week in daycare he fell and hit the outside tiles with his face so he got a big bruise on his upper lip and nose… I felt so bad and he look so awfull… 🙂 But it has alreay also healed…  He moves around all the time and he is always happy but you can also see he wants to get his way, if he have something we don’t want him to have he screams, but that is kids… 🙂 Marius is happy to be in daycare, and since midt January it has been going really well. As you will proberly see from his pictures he has gotten a bit more choppy again… he cheeks are big now… 😀

We have had a rugh start on the year 2009… Mikkel’s mom died from cancer on january 20th, so it has been hard, but things are getting better, but everything is still so different. I have desided now to write much about it here as this is such a hard and personal subject that I don’t want to write about it here.  

I started working on Febuary 9th, and it has been hard, I have missed Marius so much and think it is so sad that he has to be in daycare for so long. I have cried about it, but every thing is better now. I am getting more and more happy about the job and getting used to being away from Marius so much and getting everything else done aswell… I am working full time (37hours) and hope at some point to get a part time job maybe just 30hours. The job I got is in a reception at big company that maintain and develop the infrastruture of the electricity and gas lines in Denmark. There are not alway that much to do and I don’t like that the say are long and I miss marius. But it is getting better. The job is a temp job, but I hope to get a permenant job, they are making so changes and they know that they will need a nother employee. So I hope I get it, but I think there is a good chance.

I will upload pictures of Marius soon. Hope you enjoy them. I think it would be fun if you commented on who you think he looks like now.

Now he is walking… or almost… :)

Saturday, January 31st, 2009

I guess it is time for me to write a post… But has been almost 2 months since I wrote something. But time is going by so fast. We are all doing well and Marius is getting so big. He can eat by him self using his hands, he can walk app. 4-5 steps by him self with out falling, he lets go of stuff and walkes to you and he says a lot of sounds and also have a sound for mom, dad and hi. He is in daycare and it is now going really well his is ajusting to that change and has started to sleep well again. There was a period on app 1 months or more where he did not sleep well doing the day or night and was there for cranky a lot… and just wanted us to carry him around… That was though… And now that he sleeps more you can see that he is so much more happy and smiles all the time and almost never cries, so he is back to his old happy self… 😀

We had a really nice christmas and new year and Marius really enjoyed it. But the new year has had a sad begining for us… Mikkels mom was sick with cancer and died on January 20th… 🙁 even though we knew she was sick it was still a shock and it went really fast at the end so I am not sure we quite get it yet that she is not here any more.

I still have not found a job, here in DK companies are also laying of a lot of people do to the finicial chrises, so it is alot harder to find a job than it was just 2 months ago. But I keep sending out applications so hope to get a job soon.

Marius is turning one in 13 days… Wow can not belive that he is almost 1 year, time has gone by so fast… We will celebrate his birthsday here at home on the 15th where all of our close family are coming.

I have uploaded some new pictures under the folder 11 months, so hope you like them. I will upload some videos soon.

He is walking … almost

Saturday, November 22nd, 2008

Better write a new post so you know that we are still here and are doing well… 🙂

Marius is getting big and is walking when he holds on to something, he just got a walking cart or what ever you call it and can walk with that… He can stand by him self for a while too. He got his 2 front teeths in his upper jaw and he can get from standing to sitting with out falling. He has really started to get his own opinion… so annoying… 😀 if he has something he can not play with the can start to cry if we take it from him and if we need to changes his diaper he can screams when we put him for 5 sek until he finds out that it does not help to scream…
But he is still a happy boy most of the time, he has started to eat more. For a a couble of weeks he did not eat much and took forever to eat, but we talked to our homenurce and she said not to try so hard and relax and he will eat until he is full and that has helped but I also cut away some nursing meals so I only nurse him 2 a day now…

Next week we are going to a summercabitnet on the westcoast with mikkels parents, grandmother, sister and husbands/boyfrinds and nephew. It is a luxury cabitnet with pool, spa and sauna… So that is going to be so nice now that it is getting so cold out side. And it is nice for mikkel to have the time off just before Marius starts daycare on dec 1st… 🙁 I can not belive that he is starting daycare, I am worried to see how he will take it to be away from home but and me… But we will start up slow so I will stay with him there a few hours that first day and the next day he will try to be there by him self maybe for his nap and I still don’t have a job so I will proberly not start until jan 1… so we can take it really slow… But Mikkels christmas vacation starts on december 19th until jan 5th… So Marius will not go to daycare during that time…

I uploaded some new pictures and 2 videos a few days ago…

He is crawling like crazy…

Tuesday, October 14th, 2008

p1070979.jpgIt has been a while since I have written a post, but time is just flying by. Marius turned 8 months yesterday, he can do so many things now. He is crawling like crasy, he can get from crawling to sitting and back to crawling, he can stand on his knees and walk farward, and is trying to get to stand on his feet but has not done it yet. He can waive, clap his has and so much more, so he is so fun right now. He is still a very happy boy and smilies and laughs a lot, he almost never crys unless he is tired or hungry…. 🙂 He is crawling every where now so now he need to learn the word “No”… 🙂

This weekend we when to visit Mikkel Sister Lisette on Sealand, and we had such a good time. We had been looking forward to getting away for a few days,  just to get a way from the every day rutine. We arrived at her place on thursday and friday we when to Tivoli where they had a Halloween display it was nice to see, but it can still not compeet with the one that we saw in RI on the Maccy stadium… On Saturday we when to Sweden to do some shopping this was Marius first to sail and his first to another contry. Sunday we drow back home, it was a trip on app 3 hours but Marius did okay most of the time and got a long nap, but it was a long time for him to sit still…

We thought that Mikkel was going to RI bacuse of work and then Marius and me was talking about going with him but he is not going anyway… So we will not come to RI anyway so you will have to do with picture and videos of Marius…. 😀

Marius is 6 months today….

Wednesday, August 13th, 2008

p1070138.jpgMarius turns 6 months today… I can not believe he is already that old… He is doing great and his a happy boy smiles a lot and almost never crys…. He is moving around on the floor a lot around in a circle, backwards and sometimes forward, he is not crawling just getting around somehow… he is getting his first tooth in his lower jaw but does not seem affected by it so that is good…  He is getting 3 meals a day and is doing well eating eventhough it takes a long time to eat, app 30min for one portion but it is getting better every day. He get massed potatos and carrots for dinner and really likes it, for the other two meals he get porridge made from made from riseflour or cornflour. 

His weight is 7,4kg (16,3lb) and is 68cm (2,23ft) so is is doing good, he is a bit under average and he did not use to be, but as long as he is happy and developing well, it is okay… but is still get worried sometime… but I guess that goes with being a mom… 🙂 Both me and Mikkel think it has changes our life a lot to get him, but we sure love it, there are so much joy to be with him and see him do all his firsts, but also a lot of work… and you have to get use too that you don’t have a lot of time for just the 2 of us, but it is getting a lot better now that he is eating solid food and gets to bed around 7.30pm… We have been out a few time for a couble of hours by our self and 2 weekends ago my mom babysat him for app 12 hours when we when to a wedding. It was so nice just to go out the 2 of us. Marius was happy being with my mom and dad and was eating well and felt a sleep with out any problems. By big worrie was that he would get to hungry and upset and did not want to eat the solid food, but he did good and also took the bottle before he had to sleep so I was happpy and we had a great time at the wedding… 😀 So we better do it again soon… 🙂

Mikkels 3 weeks vacation ended this week, so he is back at work. We had a great time and app 2 weeks out of the 3 the weather was really nice app 25-30d (77-86F) so that was so nice. The first week we when to my uncles summercabinet on the westcoast for a few day and the week after we went to the norths of Jutland to Mikkels Parents summercabinet for 5 days, it was close to my big brother so we spend some time with him and his girlfriend and spend some time at the beach… and went svimming, the water was nice app 23C (73F)… We had Marius under a big umbrella, and only went for app 1,5 hours at a time. But we had him feel the water with his feet, he liked that… :

I just uploaded a lot of photos of marius they are under the folders Marius 5 months and Marius 6 months…

Already 5 months…

Wednesday, July 16th, 2008

p1060543.jpgCan not belive that Marius is already 5 months… And have started to eat solid food… he started on saturday, the day before he turned 5 months. We went to the doctor on friday so Marius could get his 2nd vaccine and get a health check… Every thing was looked good except that the doctor said that he has move down on the weight scale and is now below average, he was not under weight but the thought it would be good to start on the solid food, but I was also planing on starting when he turned 5 months. His weight is now 7090g (15.63lb)  and 68cm (26,77inch).

We started giving Marius mush (not sure if you call it that) made from Risflour, and he likes that, he is already eating 1/4 of a potion and he has done that since the 2nd day he got it, so that is pretty good I think. We taped the his first meal and will put it under videos soon.

He is learning so muce just in the last two weeks, he has learned to roll from his back to his stomach but not the other way… So when he get tired we turn him to his back but as soon as put him there he turnes to his stomace again and get upset because he get tired… A fun game… 🙂 He has started to pull his legs up under his butt and is kicking a lot when he lays there so can rotate when he is on his stomach. He can grap his feet with his fingers and put them in his mouth. He can take a toy from on hand to the other. Grab toys when they with one hand when they are on the side of him. He sits well, but does not have the balance yet. All this he has learned with in a few weeks. It is so fun to see him learn new stuff, when he first learn it he does it over and over again. Oh and his hair is turning blond… or atleast ligher than it use to be… So maybe he will get my hair color after all…  

Mikkel is vacation is commin up next week and the following 2 weeks, I am looking so much forward to that. This weekend we are going to my uncles Summercabinet on the Westcoast, this is the first overnight stay that Marius is going to have… But we will bring his Big Stroller that he sleeps in doing the day, so he has a familier place to sleep at night. My mom, dad, 2 uncles, 2 cusines are also going to be in the summercabinet so that is going to be nice.

The weekend after we are going to Mikkels Parents sommercabinet in Northern Jutland, and this is close to where my brother lives so we are going to spend some time with them. I am not sure yet if some of Mikkels family are going to be in the summer cabinet yet.

The weather here has not been nice the last couble of weeks, we had a few days with nice summerweather but it is mostly cloudy and around 15C (60F) most days and we get some heavy rainshowers… So we hope the weather will be better when Mikkels vacation starts.

Finally a new post…

Friday, June 20th, 2008

p1060117.jpgI finally have time to write a new post, I have been so busy lately and Marius does not sleep as much as he use to so, when he sleeps I spend my time cleaning, cooking or taking a shower… Once a week I have been to an arobic class for new moms and also app once a week I meet up with other moms that live in the area that we live in, they are around the same age as me and the babys are also around the same age, so it is nice to met up and talk about the baby and share experinces with each other.

But we are doing fine, Marius is getting big we had a visit from the home nurse on tuesday and he is 6700g (14,77lb) and 66cm (25,98inch) so his is growing like he should. He is not above average anymore but this is okay she said. I am still nursing him 100% and will continue for a while longer, here in DK they recommend that you keep nursing until he baby is 6 months that should give them a smaller risk of getting allergies… He is starting to want to sit up and it looks so cute and he is getting really good at reaching for his toys and pacifier… I uploaded a small video where he tries to chatch his pacifier with is mouth it looks so funny, we notised that he tried it and had to video tape it… 😀 There are several other videos and a lot of new pictures aswell. I can not belive that it has been so long since I uploded pictures…

Marius had to get his shot when he was 3 months… he had to get one in each leg, the first one he did really cry just mad a sound, but when he got the 2nd one he screamed… I also got tears in my eyes I hate when he crys with tears and it kind was our fould that he cried… He was find until like 9pm when mikkels when to the movies with a friend… Marius was a bit upset before he left but fell asleep just before they left, (I told mikkel if marius was really upset he could not go to the movies…) but I thought now that he is asleep it would be okay, but he woke up 5 min after they left and just screamed/cried like crazy… I could not get him to stop, I think that is the one a only time I could not get him to stop… he cried like that for 25min solid…. I tried everything… At the end I thought I will try to put him in his stroller and walk with him, I was not even out of our driveway before he stopped crying… 😀 it took 15 min before he fell asleep and when I got home I did not dar to take him out of the stroller and just rolled it in to the house and let hime sleep in that. He then sleep pretty well the rest of the night only woke up as he usually does but cried really loud when he woke up but as soon as he got his pacifier he fell back asleep and the next day he seamed fine… He need his next shot when his is 5months…

Other than that I don’t think anything exciting has been going on here, we had several week where the weather was really nice, app. 25-30C (77-86F) but now it is only app 15C (60F) and windy and a lot of dark clouds… and it does not look like it will get better in the near futures…. 🙁

Happy Fathersday…

Thursday, June 5th, 2008

This is for my DAD, I made a short video of the many memories that we all ready shared…. Happy Fathers day… Love Marius… 

You can see it by clicking the below link, remember to turn up the sound…