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Finally a new post…

p1060117.jpgI finally have time to write a new post, I have been so busy lately and Marius does not sleep as much as he use to so, when he sleeps I spend my time cleaning, cooking or taking a shower… Once a week I have been to an arobic class for new moms and also app once a week I meet up with other moms that live in the area that we live in, they are around the same age as me and the babys are also around the same age, so it is nice to met up and talk about the baby and share experinces with each other.

But we are doing fine, Marius is getting big we had a visit from the home nurse on tuesday and he is 6700g (14,77lb) and 66cm (25,98inch) so his is growing like he should. He is not above average anymore but this is okay she said. I am still nursing him 100% and will continue for a while longer, here in DK they recommend that you keep nursing until he baby is 6 months that should give them a smaller risk of getting allergies… He is starting to want to sit up and it looks so cute and he is getting really good at reaching for his toys and pacifier… I uploaded a small video where he tries to chatch his pacifier with is mouth it looks so funny, we notised that he tried it and had to video tape it… 😀 There are several other videos and a lot of new pictures aswell. I can not belive that it has been so long since I uploded pictures…

Marius had to get his shot when he was 3 months… he had to get one in each leg, the first one he did really cry just mad a sound, but when he got the 2nd one he screamed… I also got tears in my eyes I hate when he crys with tears and it kind was our fould that he cried… He was find until like 9pm when mikkels when to the movies with a friend… Marius was a bit upset before he left but fell asleep just before they left, (I told mikkel if marius was really upset he could not go to the movies…) but I thought now that he is asleep it would be okay, but he woke up 5 min after they left and just screamed/cried like crazy… I could not get him to stop, I think that is the one a only time I could not get him to stop… he cried like that for 25min solid…. I tried everything… At the end I thought I will try to put him in his stroller and walk with him, I was not even out of our driveway before he stopped crying… 😀 it took 15 min before he fell asleep and when I got home I did not dar to take him out of the stroller and just rolled it in to the house and let hime sleep in that. He then sleep pretty well the rest of the night only woke up as he usually does but cried really loud when he woke up but as soon as he got his pacifier he fell back asleep and the next day he seamed fine… He need his next shot when his is 5months…

Other than that I don’t think anything exciting has been going on here, we had several week where the weather was really nice, app. 25-30C (77-86F) but now it is only app 15C (60F) and windy and a lot of dark clouds… and it does not look like it will get better in the near futures…. 🙁

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