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Marius is 6 months today….

p1070138.jpgMarius turns 6 months today… I can not believe he is already that old… He is doing great and his a happy boy smiles a lot and almost never crys…. He is moving around on the floor a lot around in a circle, backwards and sometimes forward, he is not crawling just getting around somehow… he is getting his first tooth in his lower jaw but does not seem affected by it so that is good…  He is getting 3 meals a day and is doing well eating eventhough it takes a long time to eat, app 30min for one portion but it is getting better every day. He get massed potatos and carrots for dinner and really likes it, for the other two meals he get porridge made from made from riseflour or cornflour. 

His weight is 7,4kg (16,3lb) and is 68cm (2,23ft) so is is doing good, he is a bit under average and he did not use to be, but as long as he is happy and developing well, it is okay… but is still get worried sometime… but I guess that goes with being a mom… 🙂 Both me and Mikkel think it has changes our life a lot to get him, but we sure love it, there are so much joy to be with him and see him do all his firsts, but also a lot of work… and you have to get use too that you don’t have a lot of time for just the 2 of us, but it is getting a lot better now that he is eating solid food and gets to bed around 7.30pm… We have been out a few time for a couble of hours by our self and 2 weekends ago my mom babysat him for app 12 hours when we when to a wedding. It was so nice just to go out the 2 of us. Marius was happy being with my mom and dad and was eating well and felt a sleep with out any problems. By big worrie was that he would get to hungry and upset and did not want to eat the solid food, but he did good and also took the bottle before he had to sleep so I was happpy and we had a great time at the wedding… 😀 So we better do it again soon… 🙂

Mikkels 3 weeks vacation ended this week, so he is back at work. We had a great time and app 2 weeks out of the 3 the weather was really nice app 25-30d (77-86F) so that was so nice. The first week we when to my uncles summercabinet on the westcoast for a few day and the week after we went to the norths of Jutland to Mikkels Parents summercabinet for 5 days, it was close to my big brother so we spend some time with him and his girlfriend and spend some time at the beach… and went svimming, the water was nice app 23C (73F)… We had Marius under a big umbrella, and only went for app 1,5 hours at a time. But we had him feel the water with his feet, he liked that… :

I just uploaded a lot of photos of marius they are under the folders Marius 5 months and Marius 6 months…

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