Lilypie Third Birthday tickers
Lilypie Third Birthday tickers

Now he is walking… or almost… :)

I guess it is time for me to write a post… But has been almost 2 months since I wrote something. But time is going by so fast. We are all doing well and Marius is getting so big. He can eat by him self using his hands, he can walk app. 4-5 steps by him self with out falling, he lets go of stuff and walkes to you and he says a lot of sounds and also have a sound for mom, dad and hi. He is in daycare and it is now going really well his is ajusting to that change and has started to sleep well again. There was a period on app 1 months or more where he did not sleep well doing the day or night and was there for cranky a lot… and just wanted us to carry him around… That was though… And now that he sleeps more you can see that he is so much more happy and smiles all the time and almost never cries, so he is back to his old happy self… 😀

We had a really nice christmas and new year and Marius really enjoyed it. But the new year has had a sad begining for us… Mikkels mom was sick with cancer and died on January 20th… 🙁 even though we knew she was sick it was still a shock and it went really fast at the end so I am not sure we quite get it yet that she is not here any more.

I still have not found a job, here in DK companies are also laying of a lot of people do to the finicial chrises, so it is alot harder to find a job than it was just 2 months ago. But I keep sending out applications so hope to get a job soon.

Marius is turning one in 13 days… Wow can not belive that he is almost 1 year, time has gone by so fast… We will celebrate his birthsday here at home on the 15th where all of our close family are coming.

I have uploaded some new pictures under the folder 11 months, so hope you like them. I will upload some videos soon.

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