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He is walking… All the time

supermandI guess it is time go write here again… 🙂 

Marius is getting so big, he can walk and he does not crawl anymore, he just started to stand up with out holding on to anything, he can play pikaboo with his own hands. He can drink on his owen and says a real Hi and he has a word for Mom, dad, food and water. So every think is happeing so fast. He also walked out side so last week in daycare he fell and hit the outside tiles with his face so he got a big bruise on his upper lip and nose… I felt so bad and he look so awfull… 🙂 But it has alreay also healed…  He moves around all the time and he is always happy but you can also see he wants to get his way, if he have something we don’t want him to have he screams, but that is kids… 🙂 Marius is happy to be in daycare, and since midt January it has been going really well. As you will proberly see from his pictures he has gotten a bit more choppy again… he cheeks are big now… 😀

We have had a rugh start on the year 2009… Mikkel’s mom died from cancer on january 20th, so it has been hard, but things are getting better, but everything is still so different. I have desided now to write much about it here as this is such a hard and personal subject that I don’t want to write about it here.  

I started working on Febuary 9th, and it has been hard, I have missed Marius so much and think it is so sad that he has to be in daycare for so long. I have cried about it, but every thing is better now. I am getting more and more happy about the job and getting used to being away from Marius so much and getting everything else done aswell… I am working full time (37hours) and hope at some point to get a part time job maybe just 30hours. The job I got is in a reception at big company that maintain and develop the infrastruture of the electricity and gas lines in Denmark. There are not alway that much to do and I don’t like that the say are long and I miss marius. But it is getting better. The job is a temp job, but I hope to get a permenant job, they are making so changes and they know that they will need a nother employee. So I hope I get it, but I think there is a good chance.

I will upload pictures of Marius soon. Hope you enjoy them. I think it would be fun if you commented on who you think he looks like now.

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