Lilypie Third Birthday tickers
Lilypie Third Birthday tickers

His first words…

Time for an update, we are all doing good.
Marius is getting big and is so much fun, he has started to talk and can has a word for dad, mom, hi, ups, bye, water, food, av and ball, so it make a lot of stuff easier even though it is not always we understand all he says. He can also say vuf like a dog and moo like a cow, but most animals still says vuf like a dog even the birds 🙂
He is happy most of the time still and is happy to be in daycare. He is a boy who is active all the time. And that can be seen…. Since march where he really started walking he has had a open bruise on this nose 4 times…. And a  a black eye, a hole in his head where the daycare though he had to go to the emergency room to get it stitched up, but it was not necessary, and there he has had a scraped need and hand… So he is active all the time.
Marius has had some trouble with his ears a months back, he was sick 6 time on 6 weeks, with fever, and cold, after being sick for the 5th time he was on antibiotics and the finally we went to the ear doctor again and then we tried another antibiotics, because the first type didn’t work.
Me and Mikkel are also doing well, I now have a permanent job I start here on June 3 and I can not wait. It is in a small company, there are about 15 people in the company and I am going to work 30 hours a week and going to work with internal sale and other administrative assignments, it is a company the sells home decoration, so it is very interesting. Mikkel is also still happy about his job and is busy there.
Mikkel has just had his birthday and he got a bike, so now we are going to take some bikerides over the summer, and marius is going to be in a chair on the back of our bikes. He likes that. Other than that we have not been up to much, the days are just passing by so fast now that I started working, i hope it gets a bit better now that I only have to work 30hours. But lets see…
For the summer vacation I am not sure that we will do, we have 3 weeks of and we will go to my uncles sommercabitnet for a few day, and then to Mikkels dads summercabinet also. But just small trips in Denmark. We also bought a season pass for legoland, so we are also going there. We have been there 3 times already and Marius loves it, he says eiii and ohh of excitement all the time and runs around so happy. The video on the last post is from legoland where he her music and rocks to it… So cute. I will upload pictures from legoland soon.
My last day at work at the old company is today, and then I am off for 4 days, because of a national holiday Monday and then I don’t start until Wednesday. I have uploaded new pictures in the folder 13 and 14 months. And a new video under videos.

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