Lilypie Third Birthday tickers
Lilypie Third Birthday tickers

Time is flying by…

Firste I have just uploaded a whole bunch of new pictures they are under Billeder/pictures and the folder 14, 15 months, June, july and august… 🙂

Time is passing by so fast here, we have had a great summer and have had 3 weeks off in july and it was great. The weather was okey but not great. It was app 15-20 degress C and we got some big showers once in a while. We went to Mikkels dad summercabinet both with mikkels family and just the 3 of us. And we when to my uncles summercabinet with my family. We also got some stuff done around the house, so it was great. They just went by too fast…

I have been at my new job now since the begining of June and it has been great. It is a small company that sells home decoration stuff, they import it from China and sell it to the store. I deal with sales and purchsing, it is a really busy job and the people I work with are nice. It is only part time, I work 30 hours a day and I really enjoy having extra time with Marius in the morning and a bit more time in the afternoon. It make the days less stress full for both me and Mikkel.

Marius is doing great, he is still a happy boy and has started to say a lot of things, it is not all correct and some of it we dont get a all, but he is getting better every day. He says mom all the time and for 1 months now he has also called mikkel mom and has “forgotten” to say dad… he  started to say dad several months back, but just leared to say mom in july… Now he says mom when he wakes up in the morning… So cute, the best sound to wake up to… 🙂

This was a small update from the 3 of us. Hope you all are great.

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