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News from us…

Please be impressed that we have made a new layout, put up new pictures and I have written a new post ūüôā

Since the last time we updated time has gone by so quick… Of big events has been out trip to Florida and me being pregnant.

In February we went to Florida for 1 week with my mom, dad, brother and his girlfriend. I was a great trip and we saw so much. We went to Disney world, kennedy space center, Key west, Miami and everglades. We stayed in a rented house in Fort Lauderdale. Every thing went great, except that Marius got sick with high fever, we got to a doctor and he had a bad ear infection. Even though he was sick he was such a good boy and did not complain even though we did not just stay a home. He got some medicine  and the help and the airplane ride home was no problem.

Marius is still a easy going kid he his easy to take with us where every he goes and most of the time he does what he is asked, but of course he can test us but he is not to bad. He know he is going to be a big brother soon and that his baby brother is in my stomach. We are anxious to see how it will be to have two boys and how Marius is going to feel having a baby in the house.

My pregnancy is going great like last time I do not have any big problems. I fell okay most of the time, am tired of course and have some back problems once in awhile but they can go away. We know that it is another boy that we are expecting, and we are almost sure what out name it going to be, but it is as last time a secret ūüôā My due date is October 1st.

Of bad events this ear is the we have has out first trip to the emergency room with Marius…. He fell in legoland and hit his forehead on a wooden¬†edge, Mikkel was with him and when I saw Mikkel came running with him his face was filled with blood… He got a app. 2inch open cut in this forehead. Luckily there was paramedic just 50-100meters away so we got help quickly but has go to the emergency room to get 5 stitches. He was crying so for app.10 min after the fell but then he was calm and like him self again. When we got to the ER we had to¬†go through the¬†torture of getting¬†the stitches,¬†he cried and¬†cried and Mikkel and 2 nurses held him and the doctor¬†sewed¬†him… I was trying to calm him down the best I could…¬†He will properly get a big¬†scar but we try to protect¬†it from the¬†sun to minimize¬†it.¬†But now it has been app. 4 months…. His was a big shock for us to see¬†him like¬†this and I¬†can fell that as soon has be falls¬†I get so scared and can almost¬†cry because¬†I¬†don’t know how bad he is hurt.¬†The fall in legoland so just a normal fall if you can call it that, he was running and fell and hit his head, so¬†we still don’t know how it could turn out this bad.

Other than that we are all good, Mikkel is still at APC and is happy about that. I went on maternity leave a week ago, and that is nice. I am going to be away for about 1 year,¬†and looking forward to it, but I am also really¬†happy about my job and it is weird to think that I am not going to work for 1 year…. Marius is in daycare, and really loves it.¬†He ask every day if he is going¬†also on weekends. He can say also most everything,¬†it is not all correct but we understand most of it and he is also¬†starting¬†to tell stories and make things up.¬†

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